About Darko

Hi there, thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

I’m a graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. I've been working as a full time freelance graphic designer for the last 5 years, and been doing vector illustrations and new designs for stock agencies for the last 7 years.
I specialize in vector graphics, both print and digital content. I have experience in web design, gif and flash animations, and I'm also a video editing enthusiast. All of my work is done using Adobe CC tools, but Illustrator and Photoshop are the ones I use most often.  I love new challenges and I love to explore new technologies. I have been working with big companies from all over the world, my goal is to do every job in an utterly professional manner and to complete it fast and smoothly. I attain it every time. I believe my strengths are attention to details and creativeness. I`m open for interesting projects and ready to work long-term.

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send e-mail to darq96@gmail.com
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